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Do you support any gun control legislation (211 Comments)? This was one of the questions we posed to our followers this week and as expected, an overwhelming number of people emphatically said NO. However, we wanted to dig a little deeper with a couple of other questions such as; how do you feel about someone accused of being mentally unstable having their guns taken away (265 Comments) and after serving their time, should felons be allowed to own weapons (265 Comments)?

Questions like these are why there are bills floating throughout congress that would make it virtually impossible for you to possess a firearm or you would be considered a felon and face long jail sentences. Some will argue that these bills, if signed into law, would be beaten back by court challenges but I am not so sure about that. There are already states making it all but illegal to possess a firearm and some municipalities have now passed legislation categorizing you as a terrorist.

What we need to understand (without sounding like we should be holding a sign and screaming into the air); there is a global effort to not only strip you of your second amendment rights but all of your rights with the promise of a new Utopian world free from hunger and crime where everyone has all they will ever need. Again, not to sound like a nut case but Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are real and we need to fight back every day against a promised sustainable future that holds nothing for you and I except equality in having little to nothing while the elites have everything with a “let them eat cake” attitude. Bottom line; it is more than just a firearms issue, it is a freedom for everyone issue but you and I need to stay focused on one or two issues and hope others will take up the mantle (I know, hope is not a plan of action).

Keep track of legislation with this link and then let your friends and family know what is going on with the facts not just conjecture and opinion.

Do you support any gun control legislation (211+ Comments)

Top Fan - Shad D “There is a phrase in the second that everyone knows or needs to learn NOW! It goes like this. You ready? Good cause here ya go. "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" and that is all. Learn it, know it and respect it”


Top Fan - Shane D “No... I do however support a mandatory national open carry act something similar to what Israel has implemented.”

Should someone accused of being mentally unstable have their guns taken away (132+ Comments); you all had a real concern about what criteria would be used and who exactly would have the authority to make that decision.

Top Fan - Dwayne R “And exactly is the qualification for mentally disturbed... war veteran coming home with ptsd...”

Alex B “That's how it's been it's your guilty try to prove yourself innocent...everyone is a criminal but them...”

Eddie B “Hell no. Not based on an accusation. If that were the case democrats would not be able to have guns.”

Kevin O “Unconstitutional without due process. Same fools at FB putting you in Facebook jail can make an accusation and your guilty until proven innocent.....I don’t think so!”

Fidel M “how much will it cost to prove you are not ? soo only the wealthy are innocent / armed ?”

After serving their time should felons be allowed to own weapons (265+ Comments); you all were all over the board on this one from a resounding yes to a no depending on the crime.

Rory V “ Non violent yes”

Ann H “Oh NO !!”

Charles L “As much as it turns my stomach shall not be Infringed means shall not be Infringed.”

Kae L “After serving their time , their right's are supposed to be restored . Habitual offender's need to be removed and punished properly , not sent to the vacation and learn more crime institute . After punishment they need to be reinstated as full citizen's with all the rights thereof.”

Eric L “After a certain period of time with no new offenses against persons, yes. I also think new crimes of moral turpitude should lengthen the barrier. I would say 10 years from the end of supervision or imprisonment for crimes against persons, and no crimes of moral turpitude within 5 years. I also think there should be an application to DOC (parole board) that would be reviewed, and verification given that the person is eligible to have firearms rights restored. I think that the person’s right to bear arms would be presumptively restored if an adverse decision is not rendered on the application within 60 days of filing, with immunity from prosecution for unlawful possession during the presumptive restoration period, if the application is ultimately denied. Applicant should be required to keep contact information current during application to be eligible for presumption protections.”




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