Prepper Daves 

Military, Tactical, and Outdoor Recreational Gear - From the "Land of the Midnight Sun"

MRAP Remote Controlled HID/IR 360
US Military - Wheeled Field Litter Carrier
Combat Lifesaver Course - Self-Study

Desert Locust Military Goggle System
Pelican 1400 Watertight Hard Case
Unbreakable – Waterproof – Airtight
Military 2 Point Sling with Adjusters
BenchMade 8 BLKWMED
Ericsson Lapel Mic
North by Honeywell
60 Minute High Pressure (4500 psi)
Carbon Air Cylinder
Renegade Outdoor Gear
Fire Retardant Glove Liner
Subdued 3rd Infantry Division Patch
United States Army
Medium U.S. Army Cold Weather
M-65 Field Jacket Liner/Smokers Jacket
Large U.S. Army Cold Weather
M-65 Field Jacket Liner/Smokers Jacket
ECWCS Generation III Level 7 Trousers
(RFI Issue), Urban Gray, Large Reg
Combat Vehicle Crewman’s
Coverall Trouser Liner
XLarge - Massif Flame Resistant DuPont Nomex, Army Elements Pants (AEP)
Medium - Massif Flame Resistant DuPont Nomex, Army Elements Pants (AEP)
U.S. Military
AVON M50 Pro Mask (JSGPM)
QuickClot Combat Gauze - Z-Folded
M256A2 Chemical-Agent Detector Kit
Blizzard Heat Casualty Blanket
Blizzard Survival Bag
Surefire Helmet Light
Tan Model HL-A-TN 3v
Fly Fishing Graphite Rod
Length 8' 3"; Weight 2 ½ oz; (7)
SERPA Tactical Holster
Air Navigation Computer: CPU-26A/P
BLACKHAWK! Tactical Serpa Auto Lock Right Hand Holster for the Berretta 92/96
Safariland 6280-84-131 Mid-Ride
Level II Duty Holster, Black, RH
Thor Defense
Multiple Magazine Holder (MMH)
Vertical Forward Grip
MSR AutoFlow Filter Cartridge
For The MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter
Blackhawk Buttstock Mag Pouch
GreatNeck Camping Axe
US Army Onezie
My Daddy’s Got Your Back
US Army Onezie
'Commando Of The Playground"
Large - Massif Flame Resistant DuPont Nomex, Army Elements Pants (AEP)
Pilot Microphone Headset - EM-001-AP
Pelican Versabrite 2250 Deluxe Light Kit
GSI Outdoors 18 fl. oz.
Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup/Pot
Pelican 1550 Watertight Hard Case, Watertight – Crushproof - Dustproof
M&P 9/40 4”, CQC
Blackhawk Leather Holster, Size 18
Remote Pressure Switch
L3, Insight Technology
1-40 CAVALRY Stay-CAV, 3 Section
Medium Sized, UCP Expandable Pack
Clothing Insect/Arthropod Repellent
Prepper Daves Military & Tactical
Mens Black T-Shirt
Prepper Daves Military & Tactical
Women’s Cut, Black T-Shirt
Hydration System
Universal Tube/Tap Adapter
Diamond Products
7/8" Wet Core, Premium Black
Thermo Pride
Oil-Fired Furnace Heat Shield

Caribou Gear Trophy Fish Bag
Large Short ACU Uniform Top